Sunday, 27 February 2011

Miles Kane

Miles Kane, a Liverpool singer song writer who takes a big inspiration from the Beatles burst onto the scene when he was one half of The Last Shadow Puppets with Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner. Now a solo artist since leaving his band The Rascals, Kane is looking to make a name for himself rather than being known as just one half of a spin off band.

His debut album is called "Colour Of The Trap" and is due for release on the 25th April.

1.  "Come Closer"
2.  "Rearrange"
3.  "King Crawler"
4.  "My Fantasy"
5.  "Take The Night From Me"
6.  "Counting Down The Days"
7.  "Better Left Invisible"
8.  "Inhaler"
9.  "Quicksand"
10. "Telepathy"
11. "Happenstance"
12. "Colour Of The Trap"
My Verdict:
Looking forward to hearing the whole album, considering former Oasis lyracist Noel Gallagher features on one of the songs. Having heard only the two singles up to now, 'Inhaler' and 'Come Closer' im getting the same sort of feeling I did when hearing his Last Shadow Puppets and Rascals material. I love the tunes but it takes a bit of getting used to his voice. Think on the whole when the album does come my way I will learn to love it thats why im doing a pre review.

If you like the tune up there then its worth checking out his former band, The Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets

Let me know what you guys think!

Saturday, 26 February 2011


I was feeling a bit constricted with just sports news, not much stories going on I could actually give my opinion on.

I am going to try to broaden my blogging horizons and give you guys all a flavour of my music taste! Id like to think its quite varied sometimes, I can appreciate most types of music not just constricting myself to one 'genre'.

However mostly your gonna get British music as thats what I tend to appreciate more :)

Check out my LastFM User profile if you want a quick sneak peak at whats to come!