Saturday, 26 February 2011


I was feeling a bit constricted with just sports news, not much stories going on I could actually give my opinion on.

I am going to try to broaden my blogging horizons and give you guys all a flavour of my music taste! Id like to think its quite varied sometimes, I can appreciate most types of music not just constricting myself to one 'genre'.

However mostly your gonna get British music as thats what I tend to appreciate more :)

Check out my LastFM User profile if you want a quick sneak peak at whats to come!


  1. I've always enjoyed Tis Windy, so I look forward to this new blog as well!

  2. I need to hear more British music, I only know American songs, and some British rock bands XD

  3. Only British artists I know is Amy Winehouse. I think she's a brit.

  4. I hope this blog is just as interesting as Tis Windy

  5. brit pop was the thing in the 90's
    and i love amy besides her problems :3