Saturday, 2 April 2011

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

Some of you may have been aware that the new Foo Fighters album was leaking out onto the internet slowly but surely, track by track. Being found on various blogs and forums people were sharing download links of low quality versions of tracks from the album.
Foo Fighters responded to the threat of their music being stolen from the masses by leaking the album themselves...

Clicking the link takes you to the official Foo Fighters website where your greeted with an app streaming the whole album in full, the only draw back being you can't bloody pause.

The first two tracks, 'Bridge Burning' and 'Rope', I had heard before and didn't care much for. However listening again thanks to this app I actually really enjoyed the two tracks. The same theme followed for the rest, on first listen I think this album is just the same all the way through. But im not giving up people! And neither should you! After a few listens im sure im really gonna like this album.

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